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Figure Flattering Wiggle Dresses

Welcome to our vintage fashion escapade! In this blog, we'll be delving into the captivating realm of 1950s wiggle dresses, iconic garments that epitomize the glamour and elegance of mid-century style.

vintage retro 1950s wiggle dress just like RocknRomance over the knee dress classic fashion vintage event 1940 1945 1950 1955

The wiggle dress came about in the 1950s but stuck around until the early 60s. It was the antithesis to Dior's 'New Look' which was created by Christian Dior and was basically a big up yours to the austerity of war.

Fabric rations were just about over and done with, and Dior created the most indulgent look he could.

With cinched in waistlines and hems smaller than the hips that created the most beautiful silhouette for women ..  Hello wiggle dress ..

  The hemline is usually anywhere from the knees to mid-calf. If you think that sounds hard to walk in, you would be right! This design caused women to walk with little steps and swaying hips a ‘wiggle’ in other words!

The skirt of our wiggle dress has a little slit or pleat in it, which allows for the wearer to walk hence the name wiggle dress .. 

Beautiful Scarlett Luxe wears our Evelyn dress at Goodwood Revival 2023

Scarlett Luxe Goodwood Revival RocknRomance wiggle dress vintage style pin up

This classic little dress is timeless..

You can find similar style dresses on the high street also known as a pencil dress or sheath dresses 

My opinion is that the essence of the 'wiggle' shape is one of the most flattering styles a woman can wear, and I urge you to give it a go ..

We have a variety of colours and prints in our wiggles dresses lending themselves to all types of work and mid century events ..   

 wiggles dresses 1950s fashion vintage inspired dior inspired fifties fashion topvintage the seamstress of bloomsbury leopard print tropical dress wiggle dresses sheath dress pencil dress rocknromance dress


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