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Viva Las Vegas .. Pt. 2 - Be Bold , Be Brave .. Swimwear Contest Winner

Imagine heading off to Viva Las Vegas weekender and winning the Swimsuit contest !! that is just dreamy right .. 

Well, one of customers did exactly this .. sharing her wonderful story with us is the stunning Helen Mansell who won the pool contest wearing a hidden treasure that had been found from family past  ..  Helen won the contest in April 2022..  here is Helen's wonderful story ..  it really is a must to read ..

                                      Viva las vegas weekend pool contest customer winner vintage rockabilly weekender rockabilly rockabella pool party viva


 I won the Ladies Pre 1970s Authentic Original Swimwear contest at Viva Las Vegas n 2022,  Wearing an Original 1940s SLIX of London Bikini which was My sons Great Grandmas”Nanny Joan's” it was found a few years ago when Nanny Joan had sadly passed a draw wrapped in tissue paper..

                                  vintage swim suit original vintage pool party viva las vegas rockabilly weekender pinup

 It was given to me to wear at “Lacock at War”Event where we Re enact the 40s and I am their Pin Up Girl,Miss Lacock at War “Betsy”.

                          reenactor vintage 1940s 1950s vintage fashion vintage festival viv las vegas rockabilly weekender pinup pool party


I have pictures of Nanny Joan in the Bikini posing against a gate and sat on the gate which photographers wanted me to Re Enact at Lacock event, I walked around with a big board with pictures of Nanny Joan and myself,in the  bikini and the story of how I got to have it,the public loved it as did fellow Re enactors.we had a fashion show at Lacock and wore nanny Joan's swimsuit  there too !


A few years later April 2022 Gavin and I booked to go to Viva Las Vegas, the biggest Rockabilly Rock n Roll event in the World. We had seen their were competitions to enter so Gavin said why don’t you enter the swimwear Competition? ..  at first I thought oooooh no as I’m a bit older 55yrs, un be known to him I entered sending a photo of me in the bikini stood next to a cardboard cut out of Popeye from “Lacock at War” also sent the story of how I got to have it. The week before I was due to fly out to Vegas. I was told I was in the final line up at the Famous Viva Las Vegas Tiki Pool Party which is held on the last day of event they said they loved the bikini and the story and couldn’t wait to meet me.


There were 9 contestants I was the only one representing England all the others were American and Canadian they were all used to doing this sort of thing and had been pageant girls and Models doing this from a young age and all a lot younger than me!

The day of the Competition I was very nervous,getting ready in our hotel room,hair,make up all done by me, I had matching accessories,shoes,large hair flower and corsage made especially for me to wear in comp gifted from a friend in England, Parasol to finish the out fit.

I had to meet the other contestants at the cabana pool side area where we were met by organisers who wanted to know,where we were from,our stage name and the swimwear makers name,place and more about the costume . Well I had no idea they wanted to know all this the others did,I was thinking omg stage name then came up with Betsy from Lacock at War,the others had quite sexy names..

The Bikini was SLIX of London but do you think I could remember this ! No. The girls hunted high and low 🤣 for the makers label, I could only give them London but knew that I’d seen label somewhere. We then we’re put in order,  I was the last in line we paraded in front of hundreds of people all dressed vintage it was fab the music and all. paraded in front of the pool in front of stage then had to line up around the back and wait to be called up to judges on stage overlooking the  pool and everyone.

As I was last to go up I could listen to how all other contestants spoke,then it was my turn. a good friend Maz from England told me to make sure I said Hellooo instead of hi as the Americans love the way the English speak so I did, the judges asked me to tell everyone my name and where I was from and talk a little about me and the fabulous story of the bikini costume … Hello my name is Betsy,Betsy Licious..  Wow boy did I get some whistles and whoop whooping I thought of licious at the last minute as the other contestants had sexy names😂

The judges asked to look at costume wanting the makers name for people that was interested,watching,we found label in end SLIX of London it was tucked away in the seam of bikini bottoms at front😃 did a twirl waved and went to the back of the line up.

    Pinup viva las vegas pool party tropical fashion tiki pool party vintage festival weekend

One of the organisers came and said anyone called for the final three stay here everyone else Thank you very much you can go.

My name was called OMG I was in the final three...

    Viva las Vegas  Pool party winner customer rockabilly weekend rockabillies pinup lady vintage lady 1940s 1950s

.. then they called out third place, second and then first I couldn’t believe it, I cried,the others were so beautiful I cried with the microphone in my hand saying Thankyou sooooo much,lots we’re crying with joy for me so many cheering cause I’d Won! Little old me from England. I walked about poolside talking to people after who were rooting for me😃I won lots of Vintage Gifts,Betty Page sparkling Bubbles drink and two of her miniature bottles of  Rum,hair rollers,back combing brushes,hair net, gift cards and more plus the main prize was the High Roller Pass to get into all the events that happen at Viva Las Vegas … Just Brilliant … I Won for England the biggest Rockabilly Rock n Roll Event in the World .. something I shall never forget …

Happy Memories Made 💖


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