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Fashion Of The Fabulous Fifties .. Poodle Skirt .

The Fabulous Fifties , was a wonderful era of crazy trends and timeless fashion.. 

Lets take a step back and adore some of the history and styles and of course the iconic women that still inspire many of us today .    

1950s women , classic fashion , vintage fashion

For my first fifties fashion blog , lets talk the poodle skirt ...

During the early 50s Money and materials were still in short supply, and efforts were concentrated on priorities like clearing bomb sites and trying to get a devastated Britain back to normal, not fashion.

However , part of feeling normal for many British women was looking good and feeling good .. a motto we still live by  here ' at RocknRomanceVintage today ..

One of the most iconic and fashionable trends of the 50s era, was the poodle skirt.. it  was a bright, colourful, long, swishy skirt that hit just below the knees. It was perfect for all weather & seasons  The fabric used back in the day was mostly felt fabric, appliquéd with the image of a small poodle (hence the name "poodle skirt"). Both feminine and fashionable, these skirts were a definite eye catcher.  

                                poodle skirt , 1950s , swing skirt   

 The skirt originated in 1947 designed by Juli Lynne Charlot. The idea for the skirt began as Charlot needed a last-minute Christmas skirt. With little money and little ability to sew, she made the seamless skirt herself out of felt, what a woman huh .. this classic shape of skirt has inspired many. including the ever famous Christian Dior, who also in 1947  introduced his very first collection, in which he introduced the "New Look." Featuring full skirts and rounded shoulders which celebrated ultra-femininity and opulence in women's fashion.



After the the film & song Rock Around The Clock came out in 1956 the explosion of rock and roll meant girls needed dresses that wouldn't fall apart when they were dancing with their boyfriends, so full skirts in printed and bold colours became super popular, worn with a short sleeve blouse or t-shirt a simple pony tail and neck scarf.. the more mature women wore with sorbet colour cardigans and embellished in beads or pearls with lose curled hair .. such a classic look still today.

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The Poodle Skirt is a firm favourite for many including me and you .. and to this myself & Mike based and carefully designed our Beverly skirt as seen here and worn below by beautiful Scarlett Luxe , our swing skirt is all of the above and perfect for todays women being so easy to wash and wear .. oh and we added hidden seam pockets .. 

                    1950s vintage swing skirt poodle skirt goodwood revival 

 As every decade is marked by crazy trends and fashion statements , the fifties were no exception. Regarded by many as the "fabulous fifties," the decade paved the way for a new era of fashion and entertainment.. and is still fabulous today ..  


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  • Patricia New

    I’m looking for 50s/60s trousers tops but im a pensioner & cant get out i need this outfit for a party on the 17th April pls can you help

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