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For many years now the beautiful Element Rain mac's have been available from our online store, Classic 1950's styled rainy day attire , Available in a variety of print's ,colours and original styles.


vintage styled rain coat rain mac classic fashion 1950's rain mac double breasted festival fashion


These beautiful rain mac's are made in England using traditional methods of production, They are made still using the same machines today that were originally used at the 'Marks Bros of Ardwick' Old Mill factory. They are one of the last companies in Europe that still produce rainwear in this manner. 


vintage fashion vintage dress making vintage raincoat 1940s 1950s


vintage style 1950's 1940's rainy day style


Now personally these beautiful classic rain macs are an absolute favourite of mine , However i know they are for you ladies too! With many style's to choose from and a rainbow of colours too. Prices vary and start at around £29.00   which is just amazing !

I absolutely adore the skirted rainmac's  these are made to order ensuring you get the perfect fit .. you can also add a hood if you like and sometimes come with a bonnets depending on which style you choose.


festival fashion vintagestyle 1940s 1950s rainwear rain ma c


Now festival season is upon us in the vintage world and with so many events such as Goodwood Revival  , Atomic  and Twinwood  just to list a few coming up, none of us ladies want to be caught out in the beautiful great  British Summer, to which we all know that the weather can change so quickly and totally put a dampener on the day if it decides to rain... The beauty of the Rain macs are that they roll small into your bag , They are available in transparent so you can still show off your beautiful frock and they look as chic as they did in the 40's and 50's...  It really is a no brainer that all us ladies need one or 3 .. haha .. The colour range is vast so there really is colour for us all! 

So button up that over coat .. and go dance in the rain !


Ava elderwood vintage model vintage women vintage fashion vintage dress vintage style vintage look 1950s fashion fifties fashion modern vintage



Model & photography credits @Rockagirl@MissDeadlyRed@PaulasVintageParlour@AvaElderwood






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