Welcome To My First Blog Post ...

Ok ... So here goes ...  I have been wanting to write a blog some time now but as mother of two and managing our business time is something i never seem to have.
Surely all us mum's feel like this right ?? constantly chasing the clock!
However the more i connect  with (you) our customers and followers i feel now is the time to type as i speak . Talk to you about our products , Speak about our ventures and even talk about what inspires us here at RocknRomanceVintage.
I would like to talk everything vintage ... anything that i feel could be of interest to you from branding , family , make up , interiors , dancing, Inspirations , past time eras ... you name it ... a slice of me all wrapped up into blog for you gals & guys to read ... I will also include bloggers and influence's and bring you pictures and talks with our wholesalers too, 
I am now sat here hoping that you like what i write .. hahah .. 
Let's Begin ... 
I would really like to start with our Charlene Shirt dress, What inspired us to create this classic little number that is now a RnR favourite.
Myself and Mike have always loved past eras especially the 50's !
I wouldn't say we were die hard vintage-er's by the way we dress but we sure do know and love the era! "again for me a time thing" but this again is why i wanted to write a blog because you can hop in and out of vintage , just as i do. You can style it how you want ... You can go all out , or from  yummy mummy - pinup, it's what you like,and it's how you want to wear it.
I shall also be featuring casual dressing and how you can actually wear your favourite converse or flats with a classic blouse or dress and it still look absolutely fine.
Many of my friends say it's so.. out there ' It's so.. different ! How they wish they could wear vintage... Well you can ....!!! look at the photo above ? 
The reason i think everyone i know who dresses vintage always get so compliments, or as your shopping in your local supermarket people staring and looking, Is because you look bloody fab !
It's classic ... It's classy ... And in a world full of trends , this style remains classic!
Shirt dresses were sometimes called "Shirtwaister dresses" when they were fashionable during the 1950's . The 1950's  version of the shirt dress  was launched as part of Christian Dior's post–World War II "New Look" couture designs. ( I will share our pics of our day at the Dior exhibition in another feature) 
vintage styled dress goodwoodrevival vintage shirt dress 1950s dress 1050s style vintagefashion classic fashion timessstyle rocknrool style pinupfashion swingjive lindyhop goodwoodstyle twinwood fashion rocknromance dress modern vintage hawaiian dress tiki fashion retro fashion shirtwaister
Our Charlene shirt dress is a classic shirtwaister dress, (above pic )
   ...this fantastic dress is simply perfect for days out in the sunshine or dancing the night away to some of your favorite rock n roll  tunes.. A comfortable fitting and totally beautiful classic that can easily be dressed up or down, The beautiful Hawaiian print is lifted straight from an authentic dress and Oozes vintage fun. With its contrasting buttons, matching belt and quality Rayon fabric it is a match made in heaven.. Layer up with contrasting cardigans and accessories for that perfect vintage look that looks great with every hair colour and skin tone. Step out out and give it  a whirl...  I assure you , You will love it as much i do.
our NEW black version is now available .... 
black vintage dress 1950s fashion 1950s style 1950 1950s look 1950s inspired vintage dress vintage fashion vintage look vintage 1950s inspired modern pinup pin up fashion rockabilly rockabella chic swing dress vintage dress rocknroll dress goodwood revival twinwood atomic
I could carry  on on ...Typing lovelies but for now ,
Thank you for looking over my first  blog :) I shall be back again soon 
Charlene xx

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