Tax Free Shopping.. Pay No UK VAT or Sales Tax on Export Orders

Tax Free Vintage Shopping

Great News.. Tax FREE Export Orders.. 

If you live in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia .. or anywhere else in the world outside of the UK you get to shop tax free on our site.. 

All non-UK customers & export orders now get the UK VAT Sales Tax taken off your order at checkout.. So "Tax Free Shopping" directly on our site.. No fussing about with tax refunds & claim backs.. Its now all automatic.. 

So.. all customers outside of the United Kingdom do not need to pay UK Sales Tax or VAT.. This will still be in the price to see as you look through our online store but will now be AUTOMATICALLY deducted from your order at checkout once you have entered your non-UK shipping address.. Just select the item(s) you like add them to cart and once you have entered your shipping address outside of the UK our system will recognize this and automatically take off the UK Sales Tax/VAT element from your order. 


Display Price vs Tax Free Price

Display Price Including UK Sales Tax VAT Tax Free Price Calculated At Checkout
£10 £8.33
£20 £16.67
£30 £25.00
£40 £33.33
£50 £41.67
£60 £50.00
£70 £58.33
£80 £66.67
£90 £75.00
£100 £83.33
£150 £125.00
£200 £166.67
£250 £208.33


Please Note, You may need to pay your own countries VAT / Sales Tax upon import/arrival of shipment in your country.. So for full clarity please check the rules and regulations on imports into your country via your own government or inland revenue department. Rules vary but normally this will be around 20% so the same as the UK VAT/Sales Tax we take off .. Resulting in the final price you pay being the same or very similar to the UK price.

Pair this with our worldwide express shipping options and the 100s of unique vintage designs, and you know you have found a truly global shopping partner that really does put its customers first.. 

From Mike, Charlene & The Whole RocknRomance Team

Happy Shopping .. :) xx

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