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Magic "Cat Eye" Nails .. These are a THING ..

So.. last night we shared a post of some titled "Magic Nails" .. we did this on the back of being just a cool looking thing especially for the up and coming festive season.. 

However ... we have been totally inundated with you wonderful ladies wanting to to know where you can get them from .. So we did a little research and have found the supplier of the specific ones in the video clip .. Please see link below:

Magic Nails Cat Eye Nails by Zurco


.. The guys above are a wholesaler and clearly are geared up to supply professional salons .. however we also found a great store called "Born Pretty" who sell a cheaper alternative that look pretty cool too.. Please free to check these guys out too.. Link below:

Born Pretty Magnetic Nail Polish


.. However there are LOADS of suppliers out there and we guess you get what you pay for so if your gonna buy, maybe do some research before hand .. We would highly recommend having a look at YouTube also as there seems to be a knack and skill in getting the look you want too .. But master it and your gonna have pretty nails for ever that will make your friends envy everytime you flash them.. 

Some good starting point search terms to use when researching on Google or YouTube would be:

  • Cat Eye Nails
  • Magic Nails
  • Magnetic Nail Art
  • Chameleon Nail Gel
  • Holographic Nail Polish
  • 9D Nails

Magnetic Nail Polish Video

Have fun Ladies .. xx


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