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Twinwood Festival: A Fabulous Celebration of All Things Vintage, Music & Dance..

Twinwood Festival: A Celebration of Vintage Music and Dance

The Twinwood Festival is an annual event that takes place each summer in Bedfordshire, England. It is a celebration of vintage music and dance, and it attracts people from all over the world who share a love of the 1920s & 30s swing and jazz eras.. all the way through the Classic 1940s wartime & Into the 1950s RocknRoll eras ..

twinwood vintage festival main stage at night

The festival takes place over three days, normally August bank holiday, and it features live music from some of the world's top swing, jazz , Rock'n'Roll & rockabilly bands. There are also lots of dance lessons, vintage fashion shows, and a variety of food and drink vendors. The festival grounds are adorned with vintage décor.. attendees are actively encouraged to dress up in period clothing, although not compulsory it certainly adds to your experience.

dress for twinwood vintage festival what to wear style guide

what to wear to Twinwood festival .. 1940s Vintage Outfit Choice 1950s Dress Code

One of the highlights of the festival is the Glenn Miller Orchestra, which performs a tribute to the famous bandleader who died during World War II. The orchestra features many of Miller's original arrangements, and it is a treat for swing music fans to hear them played live. There is also a great Glen Miller museum on site in the old WWII airfield control tower that is on site, Twinwood used to be an airfield during the 1940s wartime so original buildings are saved and renovated back to their former glory, which again just adds to the authenticity and great revival of history at this unamicable event.

Glen Miller museum at Twinwood festival control tower .. 1940s events

Glen Miller Museum At Twinwood WWII Control Tower

Twinwood Festival Museum Glen Miller WW2 Airfield Control Tower

In addition to the Glenn Miller Orchestra, there are several other top-notch bands that perform at the festival. These include performances by the Jive Aces, a British band that has gained international fame for their high-energy performances, and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, a group that specializes in music from the 1920s and 1930s.

Twinwood Vintage Festival Main Stage Jive Aces

A great addition is the Moonshine Glade area which is a beautiful woody glade & hosts live bands from the more Folk genre of vintage .. This is a truly great place to escape the busy main stage and chill out in the woody area with a bite to eat and a cheeky drink .. 

Twinwood Festival Moonshine Stage Woody Glade

Twinwood Vintage Festival Woody Glade Area

The event also has a dedicated area that is for the 1950s lovers .. Bands there will play classic rocknroll and even a touch of rockabilly .. its a much more high energy area and a place that you can happily sit and watch the jive dancers do there thing for hours on end .. 

Twinwood Festival RocknRoll Dancing

The festival also features a variety of dance classes, where attendees can learn everything from the Lindy Hop to the Charleston. These classes are taught by some of the world's top swing dance instructors, and they are a great way to learn new moves and meet fellow dancers.

Twinwood Festival Dance Class Stroll, Lindy Hop, Balboa & Swing Jive

Another popular feature of the festival is the vintage fashion show. Attendees are encouraged to dress up in period clothing, and there are several competitions throughout the weekend for the best-dressed attendees. The fashion show features models wearing vintage clothing from the 1920s & 1930s to the 1940s &1950s, and it is always a highlight of the festival.

Twinwood Vintage Festival Fashion Show Pageant Best Dressed Competition

The festival grounds are also filled to the brim with vendors selling true original vintage clothing, accessories, and home décor items... along with numerous and carefully selected reproduction vintage brands too.. (Yes we will be there for the 1st time this year with our stand, we have been on the waiting list for quite some time and finally got a spot at this wonderful event). There are also food and drink vendors offering a variety of options, including traditional British pub fare and international cuisine.

Twinwood Festival Shopping & Vintage Traders

Aside from the endless vintage stalls and things to buy there is always a wonderfully impressive display of classic cars and hot rods to drawl over .. Who doesn't love a great big American V8 powered stunner ey..?

Twinwood Festival Classic Car Show & V8 Hot-Rods

There are lots of local hotels and B&Bs but most victors who are here for the weekend stay in the on site campsite.. but don't worry if you don't have your own Motorhome, Caravan or even a tent .. There is a great selection of vintage bell tents that you can hire for the whole weekend .. They are as luxurious as you would ever want a tent to be and fully equipped with everything you will need to make your stay completely comfortable.. 

Twinwood Vintage Festival Camping .. Hire Luxurious Bell Tents

Overall, the Twinwood Festival is a fantastic event for anyone who loves vintage music, dance, and fashion. It is a great way to experience the magic of the swing era, and it is sure to leave attendees with memories that will last a lifetime.

Twinwood Festival Charlene and Mike RocknRomance Vintage


We cant wait to go again this year and look forward to seeing you there too.. xx

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